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Airway, Breathing and Sleep Education Therapies

As you may know, the structure of your mouth affects your breathing – and can also affect your sleep. Dental care that addresses breathing and sleep issues is called airway dentistry. Airway dentistry can help you breathe and sleep better by addressing issues such as clenching, grinding, snoring and sleep apnea. That is why many dentists, such as My Smile Health Center, are becoming more focused on airway dentistry. We provide patients with the airway, breathing and sleep education and therapies they need to improve their overall health and quality of life.

The team at My Smile Health Center is trained to provide the Vivos Therapeutics System, which is a leading-edge treatment system for sleep apnea. The Vivos System involves conducting a sleep assessment, taking images using a CBCT scanner, and using a treatment algorithm to prescribe you a custom appliance that you wear while you sleep. You will only need to wear the appliance for 1-2 years, with the goal that you won’t require further treatment. With the right therapies for sleep apnea, we can help you find relief from symptoms such as headaches, clenching and grinding, tiredness, and difficulty sleeping. 

My Smile Health Center offers airway dental services to patients of all ages. Many children experience symptoms of poor airway health, such as sleep apnea and mouth breathing – and early intervention is critical. By correcting problems early, we can improve your child’s airway health and prevent complications from developing later. If your child shows signs of sleep disordered breathing, such as hyperactivity, poor quality of sleep, bedwetting, lip or tongue tie, snoring, mouth breathing, or crowded/crooked teeth, we may be able to help address these problems with airway dentistry. 

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