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There are two two important concepts to understand about Oral wounds


Helpful Tips

Normal Post-Treatment Occurrences

Increased fussiness and inconsolable crying during first week
Make sure you stay ahead of discomfort and be proactive with pain medications.
Bleeding after stretching
A little bit of blood in a pool of saliva appears worse than it really is. If this occurs, nothing needs to be done and it is safe to feed immediately.
Trouble with latch during first week
Due to the initial soreness and re-learning of suck, feedings may be inconsistent the first week. In some cases, latch or symptoms may worsen before they get better. It is critical to work with an IBCLC for any feeding related issues.
Increased choking and spitting up
Some babies may have a harder time adjusting to an increased milk flow. This is usually temporary and should be addressed with your IBCLC.
Increased drooling and saliva bubbles
The healing process increases saliva production. Also, your infant may be adjusting to a new range of motion and can have difficulty controlling saliva. This is usually temporary.
Increased sleeping
This may be due to medication, exhaustion, or that the infant is feeling better and is more satisfied. Sleep may act as a coping mechanism for discomfort

When you need to call the doctor

Although rare, please do not hesitate to call or text Dr. Ivy Yu at 604-617-9091 if you experience the following:
Thank you so much for choosing us! We truly wish you and your baby a fast and easy recovery. Understand that feeding problems are quite common so you are not alone. Please reach out for emotional support from others who understand.

Home Care Information For Post-Op Frenectomy (New Borns & Infants)

What You May Expect After The Procedure

Please note that not all babies follow the typical healing timeline depicted below.

Day 1-3

Day 1-3

Day 1-3

Day 1-3

Baby will be sore, expect fussiness
Soreness starts to taper off day 7-10
Implement suck training exercises 2- 3x daily
Post-op stretching routine no longer necessary, gentle messaging of new frenulum encouraged
Healing “white patch” forms, this is “nature’s ban-aid”
Baby may be fussy
Healing patch shrinking
Healing patch gone and new frenulum takes final shape and position
Pain meds given as needed
Baby is re- learning how to suck
New frenulum forming
Bodywork, OT, PT, AND LC follow-ups as needed
May have trouble with latch
Feedings may be inconsistent
Bodywork and LC follow ups as needed
Continual progress with feeding
Have back up feeding plan and comfort measures prepared
LC follow up within the first 5 days is highly recommended establish daily tummy time routine
Start to see signs of improvement with feeding

Pain Management Recommendations

Under 6 Months

Infant Acetaminophen/Tylenol (80mg/1ml concentration) ____________________ ml Dose based on weight; given every 6-8 hours for first few days as needed for pain

Over 6 Months

If infant is older than two months and Tylenol is ineffective, get consent from pediatrician for Ibuprofen use. Infant Drops lbuprofen/Advii/Motrin (40mg/ml concentration) ml Dose based on weight; given every 6-8 hours for first few days as needed for pain

Natural Remedies

Breast milk ice chips
Breast milk ice chips Can act as a natural numbing agent and help with pain. Freeze milk flat in a baggie and place tiny pieces under lips, tongue, or cheek and let melt slowly.
Organic Coconut Oil
Best if kept chilled and safe for any age. Simply apply small dab to treated areas 4-6 times a day.
Homeopathic remedies
Homeopathy isa system of holistic medicine that stimulates the body to heal itself. It uses high dilute solutions specially prepared from natural plant and mineral extracts which are gentle on the body and produce very little risk of side effects. Homeopathy is ideal to use with infants, pregnant and nursing women, chemically sensitive individuals, and those seeking a more natural alternative to pharmaceuticals.

What are the "White Diamond" Healing Patches?

The released area will form a wet, soft scab after the first day. This is nature's "band-aid" and while typically white in color, in some cases it is yellow. The diamond will peak in size by day seven and then start to shrink over the following week.

Stretching Protocol

Stretch each site for 5 seconds every 5-7 hours or approximately 4x daily. You do not need to wake your infant while he/she is sleeping during the night but instead, be sure to complete a thorough stretch after he/she wakes

Lingual Frenum (Tongue)

With clean hands, place both index finger tips at the left and right corners of diamond. This area is squishy so make sure your fingers sink behind the diamond. Use other fingers to push down on chin to counter any chomping.
Stretch the tongue up (indicated by arrow shown) and hold for 5 seconds. You should be able to see the entire diamond stretching vertically.

Labial Frenum (Lip)

With clean hands, rest pads of index fingers on the upper jaw and flip the upper lip back towards the nose. Hold for 5 seconds and be sure you can see the entire wound site.
Gently swipe 1x with index finger from side to side in the fold under the lip.