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Health Focused • Holistic Approach

Surgical Therapies

My Smile Health Centre provides several surgical therapies to treat a range of dental conditions and concerns. If you need oral surgery, it is normal to be nervous. But keep in mind that your team will be with you every step of the way, and they will give you the best possible care.

Patients need their wisdom teeth removed when the wisdom teeth are impacted, growing in at the wrong angle, or if your mouth doesn’t have enough room for them. We provide wisdom teeth removal to treat and prevent the pain, infection, or damage that can be caused by impacted wisdom teeth. 

When a tooth cannot be removed via a simple extraction technique, we can perform a complex tooth extraction procedure, which involves getting below the gum line and removing bone. Complex extractions are used for issues such as broken, cracked, or impacted teeth, or teeth with long or curved roots.

Our team can also provide bone grafts, which is the transfer of new bone material to your jaw bone. Bone grafts are necessary for patients who have had a tooth extraction and need a dental implant, as well as for patients who have bone loss caused by advanced gum disease. A bone graft might sound scary, but it is actually a normal and common part of the treatment process.

Also known as ridge preservation, a socket preservation graft is the type of bone graft that is done right after a tooth extraction. A socket graft will prevent bone loss that can be caused by losing the tooth, and will prepare your mouth for a dental implant.

A dental biopsy is how we properly diagnose and treat oral disease. A dental biopsy involves taking a sample of tissue from your gums and testing it for signs of cancer or other conditions. You may need a biopsy if your dentist notices something suspicious such as a sore, lesion, or a white or red patch on your gums.

A frenectomy is a quick and simple procedure that is used to remove frena, a connective tissue, from the mouth. A frenum is the tissue that connects one surface of the mouth to another. For example, the lingual frenum is the tissue that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth.  A tight or abnormal frenum can affect speech, jaw development and result in clenching or grinding habits, headaches or open bites.  Frenectomies are commonly used for babies who were born with frena that are too short. This simple procedure can help prevent issues with breastfeeding and jaw and speech development.

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Your mouth is a gateway to the rest of your body and your oral health influences your overall health. We see you as a unique individual with unique wants and needs. We believe knowledge is power. During your visit with us we will spend time giving you the information and tools you need to help empower you to optimize your dental health and overall wellness. We use only the best PPE. We wear respirators, KN95 masks, gowns & shields. We want to protect everyone. Not just ourselves, but our patients and everyone’s family.


We want you to understand the connection between your oral health and other medical conditions. And we want you to spread the word about what we are doing at My Smile Health Centre.

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